About The Frist Clinic

The Frist Clinic has been providing adult patients in the Nashville, Tennessee, area with exceptional multi-specialty healthcare services since 1993 on the campus of Tristar Centennial Medical Center. Our board certified physicians are trained in the following specialties: Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Pulmonary Disease, Gastroenterology, and Infectious Diseases. We work diligently to deliver quality care to our patients through all aspects of their office visit, procedure or hospital stay.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at (615) 342-5909.

Multi-specialty healthcare services in Nashville, Tennessee

Doctors at our four Nashville locations are board certified in the areas of primary care and internal medicine. They can partner with you for a variety of your healthcare needs and can connect you to other specialists, as we are part of TriStar Medical Group.

Diagnostic services

Our office-based diagnostic services include:

  • Bone densitometry scans
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • Electrocardiography (EKG)
  • Full-service laboratory testing
  • Holter and cardiac event monitoring
  • Thyroid ultrasound imaging
  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Chest x-rays

Immunizations and travel services

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is crucial when planning to travel to consider preventive means of reducing illness risk, especially if one is traveling to certain areas. This is why we offer our patients The Frist Clinic Travel Clinic.

The Frist Clinic Travel Clinic is a certified travel clinic, located within TriStar Centennial Medical Center, that will help you minimize the health risks of traveling abroad. Pre-travel counseling, along with immunizations and medications needed to stay healthy while traveling, are available at this location.

Our travel clinic is particularly beneficial to companies that require their employees to travel abroad. The clinic's location within the medical center is easily accessible and can accommodate a large volume of patients.

The travel services we offer include:

  • Comprehensive, individually tailored pre-travel advice from a travel medicine physician
  • Immunizations
  • On-site laboratory and X-ray services
  • Post-travel medical care

To schedule your pre-travel consultation, call (615) 342-6010.

Additional services available at The Frist Clinic

Our clinics provide care across a range of specialties beyond internal and primary medicine. This includes:

  • Pulmonary care—care for patients with acute and chronic conditions affecting the lungs and bronchial tubes
  • Critical and intensive care—a specialty focusing on caring for patients with injuries or illnesses that may become life-threatening
  • Endocrinology—a branch of medicine focusing on the endocrine system
  • Gastroenterology—a branch of medicine that focuses on treating and/or managing conditions of the digestive system
  • Infectious disease treatment—care for patients with infectious diseases, which are often treated with antibiotics, antifungal and antiviral medications

Appointments at The Frist Clinic

Our four clinic locations, part of the TriStar Centennial Medical Center campus, are in Nashville by Centennial Park. You can schedule an appointment for services at:

The Frist Clinic in Nashville

2400 Patterson St., Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37203

Call (615) 342-5900 to make an appointment at The Frist Clinic in Nashville.

The Frist Clinic Endocrinology and Pulmonology in Nashville

330 23rd Ave. North, Suite 500
Nashville, TN 37203

Call (615) 342-5900 to make an appointment at our endocrinology and pulmonology clinic.

The Frist Clinic Gastroenterology & Infectious Diseases in Nashville

330 23rd Ave. North, Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37203

Call (615) 342-6010 to make an appointment at our gastroenterology and infectious diseases clinic.

The Frist Clinic Travel Clinic

330 23rd Ave. North, Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37203

Call (615) 342-6010 to make an appointment at our travel clinic.

After-hours and emergencies

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911. However, if you need after-hours advice for a medical concern, please call (615) 342-5900 and our answering service will assist you.