About Tennessee Heart & Vascular - Hendersonville

At Tennessee Heart & Vascular, we have more than 30 years of experience caring for patients with a variety of heart conditions and peripheral vascular disease. With offices in Gallatin, Hendersonville, Macon, Portland, and Springfield, we are able to provide complete cardiovascular care across northern Tennessee. We partner with expert electrophysiologists and work closely with experienced cardiovascular surgeons if you require advanced treatment.

For more information or to make an appointment, call (615) 824-0043.

Congestive heart failure treatment

At Tennessee Heart & Vascular, we provide a comprehensive, individualized approach to treating heart failure. If you have congestive heart failure (CHF) or you're at high risk for developing heart failure, our program constantly monitors your heart and keeps your condition from worsening. Our team partners with you and your family to determine an effective care plan for managing your condition.

Heart Failure Clinic

The team at our Hendersonville location provides comprehensive, individualized care for patients with heart failure. We offer:

  • 24-hour on-call support
  • Care coordination with other medical providers
  • Guideline-directed medical therapy
  • Lab studies to determine treatment needs and monitor therapy effectiveness
  • Multidisciplinary care including nutrition, pharmacy and social services
  • Treatment of comorbid conditions including anemia, sleep apnea, diabetes and chronic pulmonary obstructive disorder (COPD)
  • Weekly outpatient assessment to determine needs for IV diuretics or medication titration
  • Urgent evaluation of clinical status change to decrease emergency room (ER) visits

Heart attack care

We serve communities throughout Middle Tennessee with life-saving, minimally invasive procedures that help clear blocked arteries and improve blood flow to the heart muscle.

If you have survived a heart attack or received treatment in the ER, it's important to follow up with a cardiologist because heart attacks can permanently damage your heart muscle. After a heart attack, you may need other procedures to improve the structure and function of the heart, restore blood flow near damaged tissue or regulate heart rhythm.

Regular visits to your primary care provider and your cardiologist can help address your risk factors and prevent heart attacks. We work with you to create a custom plan to keep your heart healthy.

Vascular disease treatment

Tennessee Heart & Vascular offers advanced technology and a specialized multidisciplinary team to treat every stage of vascular disease. We treat common vascular disorders such as:

  • Aortic aneurysms
  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Carotid artery stenosis
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Peripheral vascular disease

Visiting our cardiac care centers in Middle Tennessee

Tennessee Heart & Vascular services are available at five locations throughout Middle Tennessee:

Tennessee Heart & Vascular - Hendersonville

353 New Shackle Island Road, Suite 300C
Hendersonville, TN 37075
(615) 824-0043

Tennessee Heart & Vascular - Springfield

214 NorthCrest Drive
Springfield, TN 37172
(615) 384-0566

Tennessee Heart & Vascular - Gallatin

300 Steam Plant Road, Suite 100
Gallatin, TN 37066
(615) 230-6435

Tennessee Heart & Vascular - Lafayette

204 Medical Drive
Lafayette, TN 37083
(615) 824-0043

Tennessee Heart & Vascular - Portland

105 Red Bud Drive, Suite D
Portland, TN 37148
(615) 824-0043

For the convenience of our patients, we offer online resources. You are able to pay your bill online, and you can also schedule appointments, make cancellations and get insurance information through our online Patient Center.