TriStar Health System

Who makes up TriStar?

Our Health System is composed of hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare services across Tennessee, Kentucky and North Georgia. Our facilities include:

Cartersville Medical Center
TriStar Centennial Medical Center
TriStar Centennial Medical Center at Ashland City
Eastside Medical Center
TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital
TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center
TriStar Horizon Medical Center
TriStar Parthenon Pavilion
Parkridge Medical Center
Parkridge East Hospital1
Parkridge Valley2
Redmond Regional Medical Center
TriStar Skyline Medical Center
TriStar Skyline Madison Campus3
TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center
TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center
TriStar Summit Medical Center
TriStar Sarah Cannon Cancer Center
TriStar Centennial Women's & Children's4
1 - A Facility of Parkridge Medical Center , 2 - A Behavioral Health Facility of Parkridge Medical Center , 3 - A Facility of TriStar Skyline Medical Center , 4 - A Facility of TriStar Centennial Medical Center
What is TriStar Health?

We are a Family of Hospitals that represent the forefront of medical care today. TriStar is a system name that clearly defines our relationship with our partner hospitals, physicians, employees and patients. It also represents a "family" and can be used with a crest as the family symbol. We provide affordable healthcare by consolidating our business and financial services and allowing our medical centers and hospitals to focus on what they do best: delivering quality healthcare.

TriStar represents our three vital components: Patients, Physicians and Partners, working together to create a full continuum of care for the communities we serve.

What's the advantage of being part of TriStar Health?

Across the country, there is a continuing increase in the cost and complexity associated with healthcare delivery. The benefits of a number of hospitals and medical centers working together, sharing the best practices in quality care and focusing on reducing costs, far outweigh the costs of working alone or independently.

Is TriStar a part of HCA?

HCA is a national healthcare system, and its markets have their own identity separate from the corporate office. We are one of their markets. This is not a break from HCA, but merely an opportunity to position ourselves across Tennessee and Southern Kentucky as a comprehensive healthcare delivery system. Through shared strengths, knowledge, resources and support we are the most comprehensive healthcare system in the entire region. This reinforces the company's strategy and strengthens individual decision making.